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South African Milk Goat Breeder's Society Articles

SA Milk Goat Articles

1. General

1.1. Identifikasie van diere
Author: Department Landbou, Bosbou en Visserye    Date Published: 01 September 2010

InfoPak: Identifikasie van diere in terme van die Wet op die Identifikasie van Diere (Wet No.6 van 2002).
InfoPak: Identification of animals in terms of Animal Identification Act (Act No.6 of 2002).
 Learn more...
1.2. Preparing Your Does for Kidding Season
Author: Milch Goat Breeders' Society    Date Published: 10 June 2016

The best way to dry your goat is to start reducing her energy intake, if you are feeding Lucerne take it away and supplement with grass or straw at least 2 weeks before the dry off date. If she is a very high yielding goat I have found that by milking her every second day also decreases milk. Learn more...
1.3. Ketosis / Pregnancy Toxaemia in Milk Goats
Author: Milk Goat Breeders' Society    Date Published: 01 March 2016

Pregnancy Toxaemia/Ketosis is caused by a build up of excess ketones in the blood (urine & milk), due to the incomplete metabolic breakdown of body fat. It occurs in a doe (before or after kidding) because of an inability to consume enough feed to meet her needs. Ketosis can be caused by either too much, or too little grain, or the wrong type of grain and also poor quality hay/forage. Learn more...
1.4. Brucellosis and Tuberculosis
Author: A.J. Olivier    Date Published: 01 January 2002

Brucellosis and tuberculosis are both very important controlled diseases: this means that they must be reported to the government veterinary services, because there are specific control schemes for these diseases. Learn more...
1.5. Hoe Verseker Ek dat my Melkbokke Gesond Bly?
Author: Milk Goat Breeders' Society    Date Published: 09 September 2009

Die belangrikste is om jou bokke te ken, te weet wat normale gesondheid in jou kudde is. Sekere siekte toestande gebeur geleidelik, maar jy en jou werkers moet die diere so goed ken dat enige verandering in gedrag raak gesien moet word. Ek weet dit is nie so maklik in groot kuddes nie, maar hier het jou melkers ook ‘n baie belangrike rol te speel. Learn more...
1.6. How do I ensure that my Dairy Goats stay Healthy?
Author: Milk Goat Breeders' Society    Date Published: 09 September 2009

The key is to know your goats, knowing what normal health in your herd is. Certain diseases happen gradually, but you and your employees must know the animals so that any change in behavior can be spotted. I know it is not easy in large herds, but here the persons milking the goats daily, have a very important role to play. Learn more...
1.7. Dairy Goats as Ruminants
Author: Milk Goat Breeders' Society    Date Published: 09 September 2009

The goat’s stomach has four chambers: 1) the rumen (4-10Litre) in size. 2) the honey-combed reticulum, 3) the omasum, and 4) the abomasum or true stomach. The size relationship of the four chambers changes as the animal grows up. The abomasum gets proportionally smaller. To understand why this happens, let’s consider the function of each compartment and then review the goat’s diet. Learn more...
1.8. Frequently Asked Question about Goat Milk
Author: SA Milk Goat Breeders' Society    Date Published: 16 March 2016

This article will answer any question you might have about Goat Milk and why it is good for you. Learn about the difference between goat and cow milk, the composition of different animal species and more. Learn more...
1.9. Why Goat Milk?
Author: George F.W. Haenlein    Date Published: 10 April 1997

Why goat milk? This is a critical question for all who are trying to establish a dairy goat business and industry. The value of goat milk in human nutrition has so far received very little factual and academic attention. However, if facts of the role of goat milk in human nutrition can not be identified and promoted, it will be difficult justifying growth of the goat business as an industry next to the dairy cattle business. Learn more...


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